A game plan

"I began working with Joe Ryan a few years ago.  My career aspirations had arrived at a crossroads and I was uncertain how to proceed.  There were various career options to consider and I wanted to make the smartest choice.  Joe listened intently and objectively to my expressed thoughts.  He helped to organize my views into a game plan that focused on principles, ideals, interests, and goals.

He asked questions that helped me to understand how important it is to focus on personal beliefs and values when making decisions.  Joe was quite perceptive in asking open-ended questions that helped me to better understand myself and my own thought process.  He assigned homework, didactic exercises, and extensive reading material that further prepared me for our weekly conversation.  It certainly set the framework for organized thought.

Overall, Joe helped me discover what was most important.  The strength of his methods is to provide a systematic approach and identify priorities.  Furthermore, you also realize what may not be as important as once thought.  You do the work and he will provide the guidance.

Fast forward to today and I am doing quite well.  My career is on track and I am happy with the choices I have made – thanks to Joe Ryan’s coaching!" —Rich, Tampa, FL

Clearer understanding

"Joe has a unique ability to transform a potentially dull topic into an engaging, interactive, and relevant learning activity.  He conducted a workshop at my company on Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Prevention for our management team here in CT and the State of WA.  Feedback was highly positive!  Participants came away with a fresh and a clearer understanding of critical Federal and State laws regarding harassment and discrimination prevention. Should the need arise, we will certainly seek Joe’s services in the future."
—T. Lentini, HR Manager, CNC Software

Empathetic and compassionate

"I met Joe through a job & career-networking group.  He had volunteered free career coaching to the unemployed people in the group.  Being unemployed or “in transition”, especially in a difficult economy, was very trying.  I accepted Joe’s offer and found him to be empathetic and compassionate.  He listened intensely and asked questions that helped me choose between multiple career options.  Joe also directed me to several online assessments and reviewed the findings with me.  That exercise greatly helped me confirm and rule out some potential career change choices.

I am now on a much different career path and I’m quite happy that I made this decision.  I highly recommend Joe to anyone who feels stuck, frustrated with their career, or are unsure about their professional future!" —W. Babetski

Reflect and get clarity

"Joe is a great coach and trainer.  He has successfully coached me for several years on business and career issues.  Joe‘s skill in guiding me to reflect and get clarity on my career path from past to present has been great! 

One of the road blocks that he assisted me with was in completing my business plan. I now have a plan that is moving me forward to my goals.  Moreover, Joe holds me accountable to never quit or get distracted until I reach the goal!

My biggest praise is for Joe’s personal qualities.  He is, without compromise, ethical, perceptive, compassionate and friendly.  You can easily tell that Joe loves to help people be successful!"
—Jack Yellig, Founder and CEO, Yellcom Computer Services

Result in positive change

"Joe is an excellent coach and learning and development professional. He is empathetic while also business-focused, compassionate while simultaneously pragmatic. Joe is able to build trusting relationships and deliver powerful coaching and other learning experiences that result in positive change. Joe has a wealth of experience in different companies and industries which also allows him to customize his work to each person and situation. I’m very happy to recommend Joe as a colleague and friend." —Kenneth K.

An excellent listener

As a career coach Joe is knowledgable and an excellent listener which is critical when determining what he can offer as a career coach.  He offers sound direction and gives solid advice that is specific to one’s needs. He is committed to helping others change their career path, or opening the door for new thoughts and ways to be successful."—Marie R.

Connected on a human level

"I hired Joe at a time in my life where I had doubts about the path I had chosen. Through engaging conversation he was able to help me uncover hidden knowledge and truths about myself I had not thought of. Joe was able to organize and discuss the thoughts and values I have, which lead to a deeper meaning of myself and how I fit in to the world. Clarity, direction, confidence, all things I had in me but through intelligent and meaningful discussion was able to bring them all out.

Joe genuinely cares. I was instantly connected on a human level and felt very comfortable talking to him. The time I spent with Joe gave me insight and understanding that I will use for the rest of my life. Both in business and personal life these lessons have already shown me great results.

If I ever am in need of life coaching again, Joe Ryan will be the first I talk to!" —Shawn D.