As an accomplished instructor and facilitator I have created lively, interactive, and practical professional development programs. Popular topics include: Leadership Development, Performance Management, Team Building, Presentation Skills, Change Management, Communication, Influencing, Time Management, Stress Management, Meeting Management, Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Effective Business Writing Skills, and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

I practice a consultative and diagnostic approach to training because a thorough understanding of a client’s needs is critical.  Every organization is different and has unique learning needs.  Delivering a generic or “vanilla flavored” training product is rarely successful.  Once the customized training program has completed, I work with clients to measure the resulting performance enhancements and ROI. All my workshops can be customized and delivered on site.

Your Future Calls! advances positive change in business and employee performance through customized, highly interactive, and energetic workshops that deliver knowledge and skills in the four key areas:

  1. Planning, Managing, and Succeeding in Organizational Change
  2. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
  3. Preventing Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
  4. Effective Business Writing

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