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The Power of Wicked Big Positive Change

Human nature and change have endured a troubled relationship since the beginning of time.  Theories are mixed regarding why this is so.  Logic would dictate that any creature living in a perennially changing universe would be adept to change.  So much for logic!

We often laugh at our resistance to try something new. He’s “stuck in his ways”, is a complaint we might hear about a friend, relative, or colleague.  People joke about always sitting in the same seat at recurring meetings or eating at the same restaurant over and over again.

Change, however, has taken on a whole new persona, particularly in the realms of technology and business.  The average work place of today is a far cry from the one of 2004. The economic downturn, often referred to as the Great Recession, turbocharged technological innovations and the way we work.  The rate of change, and all of its manifestations, continue to play out.  What does it all mean?  For those still in the game of work and business, the resistance to change is no joking matter.  It is a ticket to economic irrelevance and obsolescence.

Cheer up!  All is never lost to those who change their view and behavior towards change.  So, put on your game face and jump into the pool of swirling change and forge your path to success!

Surfboards or Lifeboats? Staying Afloat On The Tsunami of Workplace Change

Technologies that power the work we do are constantly evolving, and if your company can’t keep on top of is current, you risk losing clients.  Successfully navigating this sea of change is all about seeing through confusion to uncover the bold new opportunities at hand. Learn to look at the constant evolution of technology as a way of bettering yourself and your company—as opposed to a burden. You’ll be better psychologically prepared to deal with the changes and use them proactively. Joe will share the change management tools and techniques he’s used over his 18-year career to help brand leaders including 3Com and Bose Corporation. See a video of this presentation here!

The Mechanics of Networking

Stop wasting time sending resumes and cover letters into the bottomless black hole of cyberspace where they will likely never be seen or heard from again! Networking is the most successful way to land a job or business opportunity.  It’s all about making connections to people in a sincere and mutually beneficial way.  Networking occurs face to face, by phone, email, text, Skype, or any other format.  Most people find themselves in a difficult situation because, although they understand networking’s effectiveness, they strongly dislike doing it. Joe Ryan's lively & timely presentation will simplify and teach you the mechanics of networking.

Jobs, Careers, Lives, & Futures

How can we succeed in our world of rapid & perennial change? Many successful professionals find themselves in jobs and careers that bear little resemblance to the job they held 5 to 10 years ago.  Job security has all but vanished.  Many have lost their jobs in the shifting requirements of the great recession and technological evolution.  What’s next?  Joe will share his perspectives and advice for those who are struggling or uncertain during this tumultuous time.

Recent Speaking Venues:

  • The Communicators Club, Coral Seafood, Worcester, MA
  • J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford, MA
  • The Rotary Club of Westborough, MA, The Grille at Westborough Country Club
  • Shrewsbury Public Library, Shrewsbury, MA
  • Tewksbury Public Library, Tewksbury, MA


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