As a Certified Coach, I specialize in two areas: 

  1. Understanding, Embracing, & Achieving Positive Change.  Change is a universal constant and its adoption is a key to personal, organizational, and business success.  However, it is also one of most difficult challenges that people and organizations face.  I have helped clients prepare, understand, and overcome the difficulties associated with the change process.
  2. Leadership Development.  Effective leadership is an important determining factor in personal, professional and business success.  Competent leadership is always in demand!  Some seem to be born leaders and just need ”seasoning” and “polishing” while others require greater assistance.  Coaching is a very effective tool in the leadership development process.  I coach clients to recognize and conquer their challenges that could, otherwise, derail their growth and career.  My leadership clients and their sponsors receive an independent, confidential, objective, and expert approach that gets results.

I coach clients one on one and in groups.  Which is better?  It all depends on the needs and preferences of the  client.  Each format has unique benefits.  The traditional one on one format provides greater focus and confidentiality.  Group coaching, on the other hand, offers more open and multi-directional communication.  Guided by me, group coaching clients provide and receive assistance from one other.  An informal support network is a frequent and positive outcome of group coaching.

In what venue is coaching performed?  Again, it depends on the client’s needs and preferences.  In person, telephone, Skype, or a combination of these methods can be used.

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