What sort of future will you choose? A life of purpose and happiness  or uncertainty, stagnation and fear?

“Where will I be in two years? Will my company’s merger spell the end of my job? Will my job get outsourced? Will technology replace me? Can I find a new job or career that I love? Am I too old to start over? Could I start a business and be my own boss?

These are some of the questions that plague the minds of many good people seeking a rejuvenated life of purpose and meaning. Sound familiar? If you are tired of feeling uncertain and vulnerable to the will of others, you might be ready for a new direction! You may be ready for a transformed and rejuvenated you!

Much has changed in the last 10 years! The financial crash unleashed a tsunami of change upon the way businesses operate and people pursue their careers, jobs, and lives. Like a tsunami, the future and its close traveling companion, Change, are racing towards us. Sound scary? It shouldn’t because you have the power of choice to create a different outcome and a more gratifying future. Your future depends on you. People often lament “life is too short.” Well, it is! I have helped many people overcome the challenge of change. They achieved a better job, career, or life.

Re-take control of your future!

Guiding clients away from uncertainty, job, career, and life dissatisfaction to a happier and more satisfying future is my mission! I offer:

  • Skilled Coaching for Organizations & Individuals – Assess, Listen, Reflect, Question, Explore, Challenge, & Discover.
  • Seminars and Workshops that Create Awareness and Build Skills – Engage, Teach, Facilitate, Listen, Challenge, Encourage, Share, & Enable.
  • Workforce Development – Assess, Strategize, Plan, Engage, Implement, & Measure.
  • Public Speaking – Engage, Inform, & Motivate.

Remember, Your Future Calls!

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My Certifications:

MBTI     DISC     Strong Certified     IPEC     ICF


My Professional Affiliations:

Proud member of the Veteran Business Owners Association    Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce    Association for Talent Development